Revised 2014 National Enduro Schedule


The NEPG has announced two revisions to the 2014 Rekluse AMA National Enduro Series schedule. First of all, the “TBA” date of May 4th now has a location, which will be a new venue in Arrington, Virginia. However, instead of May 4th, the event will take place on June 1. Additionally, the final event of the year in Matthews, Indiana, has been moved up to September 14th. For more info, go to

 2014 Rekluse AMA National Enduro Schedule

Round 1 

March 2

Columbia Enduro Riders

Rhonda Dennis

(788) 422-0329

LOC: Pelion, S.C.


Round 2

March 23

Ross Creek Trail Riders

Joseph Roberts

(325) 669-8866

LOC: Blackwell, Texas


Round 3 

April 6


TJ Kennedy

(972) 977-4112

LOC: West Point, Tenn.


Round 4

May 18

Missouri Mudders

Michael Silger

(636) 639-6373

LOC: Park Hills, Mo.


Round 5

June 1

April Fools Promotions

Chuck Honeycutt

(757) 375-5665

LOC: Arrington, Va.


Round 6

June 29

UP Sandstormers

Nick Zambon

(906) 228-7010

LOC: Marquette, Mich.


Round 7

July 27

Brandywine Enduro Riders

Peter Burnett

(610) 883-7607

LOC: Cross Fork, Pa.


Round 8

August 10

Bookcliff Rattlers MC

Thomas Hundtoft

(970) 250-9942

LOC: Grand Junction, Colo.


Round 9

August 31

Greenville Enduro Riders

Duane Wellington

(864) 908-6109

LOC: Union, S.C.


Round 10

September 14

Muddobbers MC

Doug Spence

(765) 998-2236

LOC: Covered Bridge – Matthews, Ind.

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